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YES-EU is a Finnish DC charging provider specializing in the electrification of electric buses and heavy traffic.

We offer customers all products and services - including installation, service and maintenance of charging devices - from one counter. All our products have been tested under the demanding conditions of Finland and our well-trained personnel have extensive experience in charging systems, grid connections, installation and the implementation of overall projects.

Our office is located in Vantaa Aviapolis and we serve clients all across Finland.

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Buying process

The electrification of electric cars and heavy equipment is a completely new thing for most operators and contractors. YES-EU has several years of experience with electric buses and their charging in Finland's demanding conditions. We are professional and serve our clients through all stages of the purchase process.

Needs assessment

The procurement of a charging solution always starts with a needs assessment, where we familiarize ourselves with the customer's operations, equipment, locations and anticipated use.

Charging equipment

We recommend and deliver the best quality charging devices and systems tested in Finland that are best suited for the customer's use.

Planning and grid connection

As the charging power increases, the importance of electrical planning increases. We make the necessary plans and handle the order and delivery of grid connections on behalf of the customer.

Installation and commisioning

Our professional project managers and installers handle the entire installation project on time and on budget on a turnkey basis.

Service and maintenance

All equipment needs service and maintenance. We maintain all the equipment we install ourselves. Our long-term maintenance contracts guarantee the continuity of operations.
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Liquid cooling Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) offer cost-effective conventional storage of excess energy produced by renewable sources such as wind and solar power plants.

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